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Mindful Birth Prep

Hey Mamma! Congrats on your very exciting news. I'm so excited for you and that little babe growing inside of you! Pop the sparkling apple juice, and imagine me sending some virtual confetti your way celebrating along side you and your partner!

Have you been scrolling all the baby name lists and nursery ideas all over Pinterest yet? No shame that was me too! You may have given some though to what you hope birth to be like for you, maybe you've even google all the birth tips for a smooth delivery. 

Thinking about birthing and meeting your baby no doubt has you so excited, maybe a little nervous and anxious too. The unknowns of birth can magnify some big fears. The more you research and learn about birth the more you may wonder HOW you're going to navigate and manage the waves and intensity of everything that comes your way and that is where I want to help you out!

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Mindful Birth Prep takes preparing for birth to a whole other level, starting with learning from the comfort of your own home in your comfiest attire. The goal is to build your confidence and your partners confidence, giving you the tools you need so you can stay calm as you navigate whatever comes your way in birth and being able to find ways to cope and make birth easier to manage. Its really the next best thing to having me as your doula, either in person or virtually!



If you think you just don't need a doula at your birth or you don't want another person in your birth space or maybe you're adding up how much you just spent on the BIG ticket baby items and your doula budget went right out the window as you purchased that uppababy stroller then Mindful birth Prep is the course for you. Mindful Birth Prep is made for both new birthing mammas and experienced birthing mammas alike who want to birth better. Whether your goal is an unmedicated or medicated birth, my goal is to help you find comfort and relief all while being empowered in your birth. 



📑 Handout package that we work through during the classes.
💆🏼‍♀️Relaxation practice.
🌬 Breathing practice and breathing through contraction recordings to keep and help you when you’re in birth.
🙌🏼 Practiced comfort measures, hands on and off.
🧠 How to have a mindful approach to birth.
ℹ️ Empowered and informed decision making for the best birth experience.

6 zoom sessions live with yours truly!

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P.S. I always book a free, no commitment meet and greet prior to making your birth prep purchase.

So Who is Mindful Birth Prep For?

Doula birth Prep course

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