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When is the "best" time to hire birth doula support?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

This is such a great question. The short answer is there isn’t necessarily a “best” time. You should also know there isn’t a wrong time to hire a doula. You can hire birth doula support almost at any time during your pregnancy, yep, even if you’re days away from your due date!


Is earlier really better when it comes to hiring a doula?

Ideally the sooner you hire a doula the sooner you get support and the sooner we can start working together towards your birth wishes! Some benefits of hiring a doula, like me, as soon as you get those two pink lines, is you get your own personal hype girl! I truly love hearing when someone is pregnant, I can’t think of more exciting news. I’ll pop the sparkling apple juice and celebrate the exciting news right along side you and your partner during our free virtual meet and greet! It can also be so helpful to have that additional support while you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and everything that comes during that first trimester. The other benefit comes to the financial aspect of having a doula. Yes it’s not a small cost, however if you consider that cost over the course of 7-8 months versus a 2 months or one month, there is a lot of value in benefiting from the support you’re already paying for even earlier.

For example:

The average doula costs approx. $1000 CAD

Consider that cost over the course of 8 week relationship: $1000 ÷ 8= $125/week

Now consider that cost over the course of 30 week relationship: $1000÷30= $33.30/week

Additionally almost every doula, myself included, offer our birth packages to be split in any payment plan that works with your finances so that having support you want is affordable. I never want you to feel overwhelmed with the financial aspect of hiring a doula, so I’m happy to find ways that you can still get the support you need, let’s chat about it.

So you're past the first trimester and considering a doula...

If you’re farther along in your pregnancy that’s ok too, some families want to be past their first trimester because it feels "safer". Know that it’s very common to hire a doula anywhere from 10 weeks to 25 weeks during your pregnancy! This still allows time to fit in all the important appointments to get to know each other, plan for your spectacular birth and choose a payment plan that works for your family!

***If you're still early on in your pregnancy, you can always book your free meet and greet and wait until you feel safe or comfortable to hire your doula. If we know you're interested we can also give you a heads up if our calendar is starting to fill up around your estimated due date.

Ok, so your due date is coming up in a matter of weeks...

What if you’re nearing your due and last minute you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of navigating labor and birth solo with your partner? Yep, you can still hire a doula. It’s NEVER too late to get the support you need! There may be some adjustments to the birth support packages and regular prenatal appointments depending how quickly your due date is approaching but it is important you to have access to support if you need it!! Reach out to your local doula association to find a doula who can support you or, if you're looking for a local Calgary Doula, look no further, If I'm available for your due date I'd be honored to support you!


Lets Connect!

I would love to support you and your partner as your doula! I want to help you and your partner feel confident and calm. I want to help make this a beautiful, special experience. I want to take care of all the little things for you both so you can just focus on each other and that sweet baby you’re bringing into this world!

I’m currently booking for 2022 due dates local to Calgary and area! I’d love to chat with you on how I can support you and your partner. Let’s book your no commitment, free, meet and greet! Fill out your information on my contact page and I can’t wait to be in touch!

Xoxo Alyssa

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